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Earth to Echo (2014) Teo Halm Torch
From the 2014 film Earth to Echo is this working Torch used by Teo Halm as Alex. This it..
Ugly Truth, The (2009) Visitor Pass
From the 2009 film The Ugly Truth is this KSXP Laminated Visitor Pass. This item comes with a..
Meet the Spartans (2008) Spartan Spear
From the 2008 comedy Meet the Spartans is this Spartan Warrior Spear attachments. Both the tip an..
Nothing Left to Fear (2013) Demon Face Appliance
From the 2013 horror film Nothing Left to Fear is this Stage 2 Demon Face and Neck Appliance..
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014) Zombie Face Mould
From the 2014 horror film Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is this full face Axe Appliance Mould. ..
Relic, The (1997) Premiere Ticket
From the 1997 horror film The Relic is this cast and crew Premiere Screening ticket. ..
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014) Zombie Teeth
From the 2014 horror film Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is this set of Zombie Teeth with production s..
Planet Terror (2007) Infected Costume
From the 2007 Grindhouse film Planet Terror is this Infected Soldiers Digital Cammo T-Shirt and S..
One Missed Call (2008) Edward Burns SFX Phone
From the 2008 horror film One Missed Call is this SFX Motorola phone used by Edward Burns as Det...
Romeo Must Die (2000) Crew Cap
From the 2000 film Romeo Must Die is this Production Crew Cap. This item comes with a Movie P..
Robocop (2014) TV Camera
From the 2014 film Robocop is this large TV Camera. Cameras like these can be seen throughout the..
Batman Begins (2005) Movement Orders
From the 2005 Christopher Nolan film Batman Begins is this set of production issued Movement Orde..
Heroes (TV) Ali Larters Dress
From the hit TV Show Heroes is this stunning dress worn by Ali Larter as Niki Sanders. This i..
Almost Human (TV) Nitro Lemon Drops
From the short lived TV Show Almost Human is this empty Tub of Nitro Lemon Drops. This item c..
World War Z (2013) Shooting Calander
From the 2013 film World War Z is this 5 page production issued Shooting Calander. This item ..