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The Movie Prop Warehouse Supports Alnwick Castle and Gardens


The Alnwick Garden is more than a garden, it is a registered charity that places people at its heart, whether they be individuals or part of a community. As well as standing for contemporary gardening excellence, The Garden stimulates change through play, learning, the arts, healthy activity, addressing disability and the economic renaissance of a rural community.

The Trust also continues to work towards the completion of The Garden itself. The provision of further features and specialised garden areas will not only provide a venue for more programmes and activities, but will also encourage The Garden to continue to be one of the most frequently visited attractions in the North East region, providing jobs and attracting tourism to Alnwick and the region as a whole.





Alnwick Castle was also used as the Filming Location for some of our favourite films:

Harry Potter, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Elizabeth and Your Highness!!

See the North East Film page for more details on filming locations.